Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice


on behalf of

Devon Park Specialty Insurance, consisting of:
Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance Company
Radnor Specialty Insurance Company

What information we collect about you?

We collect non-public personal financial information from your application or other requests for insurance or products we offer. We may also collect information from other sources such as your prior insurance provider and consumer reporting agencies. This information can include prior loss history, credit or inspection and motor vehicle reports.

What information about you do we disclose and to whom is it disclosed?

Radnor Specialty Insurance Company and Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance Company are affiliated companies under common ownership. The companies share employees, data processing systems, underwriting and claim information and office space. Therefore all of the non-public personal information collected about you in connection with the insurance policy you have with one of these companies may be disclosed to an affiliate by virtue of this commonality of employees and systems. Certain operational and administrative services, including but not limited to claim, underwriting and accounting services, are provided by third parties under contract with us. The non-public personal information collected about you may be disclosed to these third parties in order for them to provide the contracted services. We will not otherwise disclose non-public personal financial information except as permitted by law.

How do we protect your non-public personal information?

Information about you is protected physically, electronically and administratively by procedures we have implemented to ensure its safeguard. Information about you is generally available only within Devon Park Specialty Insurance, but where made available to others for purposes relating to the services we provide to you, such disclosure is limited to that needed to satisfy the purpose in question. Anyone, including our third party service providers, who is given access to your information by us will be informed of the need to protect and safeguard its confidentiality, and is not authorized to use or further disclose your non-public personal information except in furtherance of the purpose for which such person was given the information.